Raffle Play Woo – Full – Version 6.2.1 (1 year support & updates)


How to install the premium plugin?

Step 1: Download the premium version from the link provided in email confirmation

Step 2: De-activate the free version plugin on your website

Step 3: Upload the premium downloaded version, and install&activate

Step 4: Go to Raffle Play Woo -> License and enter the license number provided in the email.

Step 5: Disable Automatic Updates for the Raffle Plugin

  • Custom Raffle Name
  • Live / Test tickets
  • Unlimited Number of tickets per raffle
  • Unlimited raffles
  • Multiple raffle running at the same time
  • Unlimited number or raffle tickets per product
  • Multiple products per raffle 
  • Terminate raffle immediately / by date
  • Limited number of tickets per raffle (can be set )
  • Custom ticket start number 
  • Custom ticket prefix
  • Custom Raffle Start Date / Time
  • Custom Raffle End Date / Time
  • Custom Email Header
  • Include Raffle name in Email
  • Custom Email Body (tickets extra info)
  • Email extra line info (eg: Draw takes place on … )
  • Tickets Leading Zeros
  • Custom Message if raffle is terminated
  • Custom Message if raffle hasn’t started (based on start date)
  • Custom Message if raffle has ended ( based on end date )
  • Custom Message when raffle will end ( if end date is set )
  • Custom Message – Add to Cart check (if no tickets left)
  • Custom Message – Add to Cart check (if tickets in cart exceed stock)
  • Shortcode for message per raffle 
  • Restrict multiple raffle tickets at checkout (enable/disable)
  • Test Info system with custom number tickets
  • View info tickets, customers, orders
  • View tickets sold based on dates 
  • View tickets based on order status
  • Variable Raffle Products (Since version 5.8)
  • Countdown display in the Raffle Product (Since version 5.8)
  • Countdown display in the Product Card (Since version 5.8.1)
  • Progress Bar display in the Raffle Product (Since version 5.8.1)
  • Progress Bar display in the Product Card (Since version 5.8.1)
  • Record winners based on the raffle tickets (due to transparency, no random winner generator provided)
  • Reports Per Raffle (all are .csv format)
  • Daily Sale Report
  • Weekly Sale Report (Monday to Sunday)
  • Monthly Sale Report
  • Report by Region/County
  • Report by Country/County (option to include the rest of the countries)
  • Sales by Product
  • Export Custom Colums per order (including custom fields created at checkout)
  • Custom Currency Symbol per report total sale column
  • Filter report by order status
  • Filter report by Date range
  • Filter report by raffle
  • Calculate reports sale based on order sale or product price
  • Email PDF Attachment
  • Custom Hook Email Pdf Attachment
  • 2 PDF Template Attachments
  • Custom html/css PDF Attachment
The license has no expiration date. One license per website. Price is 106 euro per license.
Support and updates available for 365 days. New version updates are made through wordpress update system.
License, and download link is provided upon the payment. If you have any queries email me at developer@tuskcode.com